Blogging A to Z: A is for Art

1427891114547This month I’m participating in the Blogging from A to Z challenge, posting for 26 of the 30 days in the month of April and each post corresponds to the letter in the alphabet. Apparently this is a huge blog party, with participants numbering in the thousands already. I’ve never tried it before, but one of my writing partners, Marion, shared the details with me and I thought I’d join the fun. I’m flying by the seat of my pants here, since I jumped in without much advanced notice. My goal is to document the ordinary moments that compose our days. I used to scrapbook faithfully but life got busy and I think I may have started the scrapbook for 2012. Possibly. I still take a lot of pictures and even print them out. Then they sit in envelopes in the closet and nobody gets to enjoy them. I’ve found I’m great at documenting the big moments, but it’s also the little things our boys do and say that add joy to our lives, as well. I want to remember as much as possible because the time is flying by. I’ve adopted the Project Life method of memory keeping, yet capturing the details of daily living still alludes me. This month marks not only the changing of seasons from winter to spring, it also ushers in new phases for our boys. The oldest starts middle school in a few months, while the youngest heads off to kindergarten. Our middle son will make the leap from second to third grade, which translates to more homework and bigger expectations.

So here we go … without further explanation or sentimental musings …

‘A’ is for artwork. This is our third time having a preschooler and you’d think we’d have seen it all in terms of preschool art projects. Yet I’ve never received a purple coyote until now. What a treasure. Last week was ‘cowboy’ week and the kids listened to the story about a purple coyote. I told myself I wouldn’t hoard art projects, but it is so hard to part with their precious creations. All of the boys have giant stacks, which just about topple over every time I add a new project on top.

Your turn: If you have children’s artwork sitting in stacks or boxes, how do you preserve it?

Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear your ideas. If you’d like to participate in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, click on the link above for more details.


  1. Bev:

    Great choice for A. I still have a box of my 3 children’s school and artwork in a closet – and the youngest is 26! I have one of their favourite pieces framed so that I have something up from each of them.


  2. Marion Ueckermann:

    LOL, Heidi. I clicked on this blog and followed and read, and only discovered right at the end it was yours 🙂 So I went back and READ, not skimmed, because you know how much I love your writing. Love the idea…a good one, we think we’ll remember these special things, but we don’t.

    I didn’t realise you’d signed up. Welcome to the group of crazies, and you and I both know how crazy it is for us to be doing this challenge THIS month 🙂


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