Random Acts Of Kindness: How Do You Share The Love?

The excessive media coverage and ominous warnings spur us into action. As we hunker down for yet another winter storm, racing through the grocery store for extra bread and a couple gallons of milk, kindness seems to be the furthest thing from our minds.

What if we lose power? Throw an elbow to get that last pack of flashlight batteries.

Stranger’s car stuck in the median as fat flakes fall? Drive onward in your SUV. Gotta get those children home safe and sound. Someone will help that unlucky soul. There’s people trained for that, right?

I’m racing around in a tizzy, making every effort to insure comfort and convenience in the face of a minor natural disaster. Will I be stuck inside with these children for days on end, paralyzed by the elements? Charge those electronic devices, pronto. My senses are bombarded by images of shiny red balloons and boxed chocolates but my own heart is completely self-absorbed.

While I consider myself a ‘kind’ person and try to model appropriate behavior for our children, extending kindness toward others in a lasting fashion seems to fall off my radar. And not just on days that involve named storms.

God must have known I needed a reminder and/or a change of heart. Last Saturday, the women’s ministry at our church organized an afternoon of service. More than 20 shoe boxes of snacks and treats were packed and distributed to college students. At least a dozen meals were prepped and stored for future needs within the congregation. Several women worked hard on a sewing project that will potentially change the lives of other women living in under-developed countries.

It wasn’t convenient. It cost something to be involved. But others will be blessed by just a few hours of effort. And it felt good to think about somebody other than the five people that live under my roof.

Your turn: Have you ever committed a random act of kindness? How do you share the love in the midst of meeting the needs of your family and juggling the demands of daily life? 

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