The Superior Awesomeness of Boyhood

2013-12-27 11.56.38The two days after Christmas are not my favorite. All of the excitement has faded and I’m starting to twitch because no one who lives here appears to possess the motivation to restore order. There’s still shredded wrapping paper strewn across the floor, empty Lego boxes in the corner and newly assembled toys hogging every horizontal surface. My Christmas tree wreaks. It’s an aroma I can’t quite define. I’m thinking if I wait another day or two, the tree might walk itself out to the curb.

These two woke up feeling particularly creative. They spied the remains of Christmas still scattered all over the floor and their imaginations kicked into overdrive. Two cardboard boxes brought them at least an hour of happiness. We have a handful of phrases that are on ‘repeat’ around here. We refer to them as ‘catch phrases’. Usually it’s something they heard somewhere and customized, with the explicit intention of annoying each other.

With the exception of ‘superior awesomeness’. I don’t know who started using it first, but it’s stuck around for awhile and I like it. Despite my lousy attitude about the post-Christmas clean up, the superior awesomeness of boyhood made me smile today.

2013-12-27 12.49.45

Santa blessed each boy with an animal ball popper. The ball goes in the snout of the critter, then you squeeze the critter’s stomach and the foam ball launches. Everyone howls with delight. Repeat.

Superior awesomeness, right? That Santa. He’s so clever.

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