{Almost} Wordless Wednesday: Alaskan Light Show


Photo credit: David Taylor Photography via Alaska Magazine

I was sitting at a traffic light this morning behind a  truck that was belching exhaust. The driver had his window open and cigarette smoke wafted toward me. Somehow when those two aromas mix, my brain goes all 1984 and I’m a kid again, standing beside a hockey rink in Alaska, watching a game and wondering why I’m not inside where it’s warm …

That got me thinking about what else I miss from the Last Frontier. Not much, really. But I wish my kids could see the Northern Lights. I don’t think the Aurora Borealis makes many appearances deep in the heart of Dixie. Through the wonder of social media, I saw this picture posted recently and knew it had to be my (almost) wordless Wednesday shot.

How about you? What sights, sounds or smells sends you straight back to your childhood? 

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  1. Crystal Collier:


    Roses. The smell of roses takes me back. My favorite toy as a little girl was Rose Petal, and for my 6th birthday, when I was sick and miserable, my neighbor and best friend brought me over a yellow rose from his mom’s bushes. I can’t think of rose bushes without thinking of that best friend and his amazing mom.


    • Heidi:

      Hi, Crystal. Thanks for reading my post. What a thoughtful friend and a fabulous memory. I think the brain is fascinating, the way it catalogs sensory input and our precious memories. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


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