31 Days: Best Holiday for a Romance Novel?

A cabin in the snowy Alaskan wilderness … a million stars overhead … the perfect Christmas tree illuminated in the yard …

I don’t know about you, but I’m sold. This book was on my Kindle faster than you can say ‘stockings were hung by the chimney with care’.  Yesterday I blogged over here about the setting of a novel and how it influences my decision to read a book. This new release by Debbie Macomber hits it out of the park for me because it is a romance set in my home state (Alaska), with a premise I can’t resist (journalist pursuing interview with reclusive star), during the Christmas season.

Is there anything more romantic?

Whether in movies or novels, romance and the Christmas season are major selling points. In our materialistic, more-is-more culture, where Christmas decorations inundate the stores before Halloween and we’ll be hearing carols on the radio by next weekend, Hollywood and booksellers can’t afford not to jump on the Christmas train, I’m sure.

And I fall for it every time.

Why do you suppose that is?

I’ve followed Debbie Macomber since college, when her son was a classmate of mine and I first heard about her novels. According to her bio on her website “Macomber brings to life the compelling relationships that embrace family, community and enduring friendships, filling her readers with a sense of love and hope”. She’s quite prolific, with more than 100 books penned and the recipient of numerous awards. Her Cedar Cove novels serve as the inspiration for a television series by the same name, currently airing on the Hallmark channel and starring Andie McDowell. Debbie Macomber’s work consistently appeals to the masses and she is an author worth emulating, as demonstrated by her tremendous success. Although I  haven’t read all of her books, Starry Night is one I simply can’t resist.

Your turn: do you think Christmas is the perfect backdrop for a romance novel?  


  1. Jill Kemerer:

    I haven’t read Debbie’s fiction yet (I know, I know!! What is my problem??), but I’m currently reading a non-fiction book of hers called Once Upon a Time. It’s wonderful! Writing fiction can get discouraging at times, so I appreciate her advice to find our own stories. Plus, she’s just inspirational. 🙂


    • Heidi:

      Jill, Thanks for stopping by and mentioning Once Upon A Time. I just read the blurb on Amazon … sounds wonderful. A definite addition to my TBR pile. Yes, she’s very inspirational.


  2. Betty:

    I am so excited to have stumbled across this page! I am a huge Debbie MaComber fan. I think I have read nearly every book that she has released, however, somehow I hadn’t yet seen this one. I have been looking for a new book to read since finishing another great book, by another great author “A Thousand Years of Johnny Von” by Edith M. Cortese ( a very fun and heartfelt book). I am thrilled to have a new Debbie MacComber book to read! Thanks for posting it!



    • Heidi:

      Hi, Betty. I’m so glad you stopped by. Yes, Debbie Newcomber’s new release is wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Happy reading!


      • Betty:

        Thanks Heidi!


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