Five Minute Friday: {View}

OIB pierPhoto by Tom Piorkowski 

This is not my view today, but how I wish it was.

Summer is just around the corner.

The daydreams come more frequently now; lazy mornings at the beach, digging holes with the boys and building just one more fort with sticks and seaweed.

Grabbing a cousin for an impromptu wave-jumping session. Cheering for our older ones as they venture out just a little further into the surf. That’s how I measure our growth now…by the number of minutes we can spend on the beach without somebody crying in despair. It used to be seven minutes. This year we might make it past lunchtime.

As I wash the umpteenth load of laundry, I’m eager for afternoons on the porch in a rocking chair with a good book.

Building that puzzle I never seem to have time for when I’m at home.

Happy weekend, friends. May there be sun and surf in your near future.

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  1. Selena:

    Love the picture and your words. I have not been to a beach in 30 years! But I can remember the feelings of being there like it was yesterday. Such a relaxing atmosphere there.

    Have a wonderful weekend! Visiting from FMF,



  2. denise:

    Really good post.


  3. jennifer peterson:

    Awww I am so with you on this, can’t wait for summer, love summer, and beautiful writing!! Have a great weekend !!!


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