Three Gifts @ 11, 2 and 6

On New Year’s Day, I re-committed to documenting one thousand gifts; a list of blessings God has given me…a reflection of my gratitude. You can read more about Ann Voskamp and taking the Joy Dare here. She gives prompts for every day of the year and sheds a unique perspective on finding the gifts among the ordinary moments. This idea of expressing gratitude at three specific hours of the day initially conjured images of modern conveniences, objects that make my life more enjoyable for this busy mama.

Then I sat down to upload pictures from our camera, a rather ordinary task we perform frequently in this modern age. One lesson I’ve learned in this slow march toward 1,ooo is that when you stop and look around, gratitude starts to trump apathy. It’s hard to be ungrateful when you see love and service poured out into the lives of your children. I’m grateful for my husband and the reasons change depending on the hour of the day…

2013-04-05 22.52.46This guy wanted to go to the arcade with his Dad. Just the two of them, in honor of another birthday. Steve gives unselfishly of his time to spend it with our boys, planting seeds we hope will reap a fruitful harvest one day.

68575_10200975841184054_936746003_n 305936_10200975841064051_1345747286_n 547947_10200975841344058_1657967914_nWhile I’m sure he just wanted to take a nap, Steve came home from the arcade and mixed a concoction for indestructible bubbles that kept the boys entertained for the rest of the afternoon. The expressions on their faces when those giant bubbles appeared was priceless. The echo of their laughter in the yard when they finally popped the bubbles made me pause and savor the moment. Time is indeed flying at a rate I’m just not comfortable with.

I’m grateful for a husband who works hard to provide for our family and genuinely enjoys spending time with us.

We are blessed beyond measure.

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