Five Minute Friday {Broken}


Broken. In our house, we lose our minds when something breaks. Whether it’s a toy, a faucet, a torn page in a book… control freaks that we are, both the adolescent and adult variety, can’t handle the chaos and uncertainty of brokenness. And if someone we love breaks our prized possession? Oh, the consternation.

It’s embarrassing, really. The way we are wrapped up in the management of our stuff.

My heart breaks just a little some mornings when I want to quit the day before it’s hardly even started, as angry words are strewn about over a toy or a misplaced sock or some tiny injustice that matters greatly in the lives of these little boys.

I’m shocked at how quickly we turn on each other.

How quickly we forget that every good and perfect gift is from above. 

Today, on this chilly spring morning, sunshine is streaming in our kitchen window, offering the hope of spring after a winter that seemed like it would never end.

It’s Good Friday.

The day our brokenness hung on the cross in the form of one man. Beaten. Humiliated. Crowned with thorns.

On this day, this one particular Friday, may you find hope and restoration for the broken places in your lives.

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Ready. Set. Go…

 Photo credit for image of broken window: compfight


  1. Jennifer:

    Heidi, your post is vivid! Your word choice is exquisite. The contrast between our our everyday losses and what Jesus sacrificed for us points me toward the cross with renewed perspective. Thank you!


    • Heidilynn76:

      Jennifer, thank you, thank you! Your comment will keep me writing for days. A word of encouragement goes a long, long way. Easter blessings to you and yours.


  2. Leigh:

    Oh this was lovely. A glimpse into realness. Into every-day living of grace-seeking and love pouring and refinement of learning. Beautiful words. Hopped over from Lisa-Jo and so thankful I did. 🙂


    • Heidilynn76:

      Thank you so much, Leigh. I appreciate you dropping by my blog. Your words are an encouragement to me. I’ll be dropping by your blog next. Have a blessed Easter.


  3. Meg:

    Simply the best way to start my day – {broken} is a lovely piece that called my day into focus. thanks friend.


  4. Mingo Sandy:

    Fabulous !!!!


  5. Cindy:

    I wish I could say I had no idea what you were talking about but I can’t. Your words ring true for us over here as well. More me about broken stuff and my desire to have things repaired. It is a long standing hurt that the Lord is helping me work through. Thanks for your honesty and eloquence.


  6. Amy P Boyd:

    The value I place on the things of the world cause me to be unable to clearly see the value of the cross. Thank you for so opening sharing a piece of your life to remind me of the price that was paid.


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