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What I Learned in July

Oh, July. What a roller coaster of life-changing events, milestones and hard goodbyes you’ve been. Given all this talk of a blue moon, it sounds like you’ll go out with much fanfare. My mother says this is a month I’ll always remember. I do believe she’s right. This month I learned: Birthday phone calls, thoughtful
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My Life as a Modern Day Rebekah Camped in the Desert of Not Fair

As a lover of stories and a wrangler of the written word, there’s no better place to look for inspiration than the Bible. It’s all there: drama, scandal, amazing love. Imperfect, relatable human characters struggling to make sense of their heartache … and of course, the ultimate happily ever after. As a Christ-follower, there’s also
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{Almost} Wordless Wednesday: Seaplane Obsessed

So this book baby went solo. Whoop! It is still available as part of a box set for a limited time. If you’d prefer to purchase Love Flies In only, it is available exclusively from Amazon for 99 cents. At less than 100 pages, I think you’ll find it’s a quick, satisfying read. Since I crafted
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