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Almost Wordless Wednesday: Writing Scared

Have you all heard of or do you follow Unsplash? Another writer on Twitter mentioned a list of resources for free stock photos and Unsplash topped their list. Then I saw more of their work posted on Instagram and I am quite smitten. They do indeed offer royalty free stock photo images and allow you
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Almost Wordless Wednesday: Happy Fall

It’s Wednesday again. How did that happen? I’m supposed to be writing and editing. Instead I’m playing with Canva and making pretty posts for Pinterest. Because ‘platform’. Of course. {for those not obsessed with social media, that’s a fancy word for how many people an author can reach via Facebook, Twitter, etc.} Also because I’ve
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{Almost} Wordless Wednesday: Seaplane Obsessed

So this book baby went solo. Whoop! It is still available as part of a box set for a limited time. If you’d prefer to purchase Love Flies In only, it is available exclusively from Amazon for 99 cents. At less than 100 pages, I think you’ll find it’s a quick, satisfying read. Since I crafted
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{Almost} Wordless Wednesday: Anchor

I’m participating in a daily photo challenge on Instagram this month. Today’s prompt is ‘anchor’. This verse immediately came to mind. Hope truly is an anchor for my soul. The footnote in my Life Application Study Bible states, “Because God is truth, you can be secure in his promises; you don’t need to wonder if
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{Almost} Wordless Wednesday: Breaking Free

I love to use Canva for quick and easy graphic design work … just images for social media, nothing fancy. I leave the complex work to the professionals. I logged on to Canva today and this was the quote they supplied as an example. Perfect. Thanks, Eckhart. My second novel, Covering Home, features a professional baseball
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Wordless Wednesday: Unexpected Inspiration

A plot shows up when you least expect it. We visited a local farm to enjoy their Christmas lights. I took this picture while we waited in line to ride the train. As soon as I saw the picture on my camera’s screen, two fictional characters I haven’t even met yet materialized in my imagination.
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Wordless Wednesday: Fall, You Amaze Me

I’m still completely giddy about the autumn leaves here. Every time I look outside or drive through the neighborhood, there’s a new shade to admire. My husband and I both look forward to the Gingko tree’s annual performance in our yard. It’s the last tree to showcase its vibrant colors when all the others have
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Wordless Wednesday: Unexpected Gifts

I had the pleasure of visiting a book club recently, which is a total “pinch me” experience, by the way. On the drive there, I kept asking myself, “is this really happening?” They gave me the gift of great conversation, a reminder of who I belong to, and access to more delicious java. Thanks for
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Wordless Wednesday: First Day of soccer

This little fella played soccer for the first time ever last Saturday. It was blazing hot with a side of stifling humidity. I’m surprised they all stayed on the field for more than a few seconds. It didn’t seem to dampen his enthusiasm at all. Look at that expression. Priceless. I’m linking up with 5
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Wordless Wednesday: Water for the Win

We made our semi-annual trek to the children’s museum last week. This was the first time the water table was set up outside. His expression was just precious: the wonder and amazement over a crazy plastic octopus was priceless. He loves water. And critters. And putting the critters in the water. Our summer vacation is on the
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