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2017 ACFW Conference Mix & Mingle

It’s that time of year again… Soon hundreds of fiction writers and publishing industry professionals will arrive in Dallas for four days of fun! We focus on professional growth and development, networking, and connecting/re-connecting with our writer friends. In the spirit of getting to know one another and gearing up for the conference, author Laurie
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Five Minute Friday: Expect

I thrive on busyness. Perpetual motion. Like this view from Times Square, the more tasks and opportunities I have to accomplish within my little kingdom, the higher my self-satisfaction climbs. My  lengthy to-do list fuels my addiction to achievement. There’s always something to do, right? So let’s get. it. done. To be perfectly honest, I
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Eight Things I Learned This Spring

Every season, a writer I respect and admire (Emily P. Freeman) writes a post about things she’s learned or observed, then invites other writers to collectively share their posts, as well. I’m a goal-setter, a self-reflecter, a tracker-of-progress kinda girl, so this opportunity always appeals to me…then I get nervous and chicken out, becoming a
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Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Great Beach Reads

With Memorial Day just ahead, officially kicking off the summer season, it’s time for booknerdigans everywhere to daydream about what we’re going to read. I’m linking up with The Broke and the Bookish and sharing my top 10 beach reads. These are books I’ve eagerly anticipated because I’m fond of the author’s work, and/or I’m
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Guess What? Love Flies In is Free All Weekend. Tell Your Friends.

Love Flies In, originally released in the summer of 2015, is FREE all weekend. Whoop! Whoop! Part of the brainstorming and creative process for me involves making up a past for the characters, which influences their actions on the pages of the story. As my writing has improved and I’ve finished more manuscripts, my creative
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Five Minute Friday: Mom

In a world that measures success in number of subscribers, ‘likes’ and heart emojis, motherhood offers handmade gifts we will treasure for a lifetime. In a culture that places a premium on ‘self’, motherhood calls us to put the needs of our children before our own (sometimes) selfish desires. When the magazines in the grocery
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Five Minute Friday: Sing

Can you sing? I can’t. I’m capable of producing sound from my vocal chords, and in my head I sound like Lauren Daigle , but I’m fairly certain that’s a misperception on my part. As a recovering perfectionist, I rarely sing outside of the shower. We almost always have music playing at home and in the
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Failure: Unpopular Notion or Life-Changing Opportunity?

Failure: the dreaded outcome of a challenging endeavor. An undesirable finish to a grueling race. The absence of merit. To put it in fancy Merriam-Webster terminology, “the nonperformance of something due, required, or expected; a subnormal quantity or quality; an insufficiency; a condition of being bankrupt by reason of insolvency.” To put it bluntly, failure
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Cover Reveal: Lara Whatley’s Frozen Flames

Hi, bookworms! My friend Lara Whatley is revealing the cover for Frozen Flames today. Check out the blurb for this intriguing YA sci-fi/fantasy set in Toronto. Blurb: Lexi would give anything to have those minutes back—the minutes when she’d stood inside the fence, waiting for the clock to tick down on that stupid dare. If
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Five Minute Friday: Safe

Happy Friday! This is the day writers write for five minutes on one word, unscripted, then share their posts here. Whether you’re a veteran at this blogging thing, or writing your very first post today, all are welcome to join this warm and caring community. Today’s word: safe We’re six weeks in to 2017 and there’s
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