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Five Minute Friday: Control

Happy Friday! Today we write, for five minutes–unscripted–on one word. This is a warm and welcoming community, so feel free to jump in and join us. There’s a lot of talented writers linking up their blog posts and I’m often moved by what they write. Click here for more details. Ready…set…go! When I saw today’s
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Five Minute Friday: Refine

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” -Wayne Gretzky That quote always irked me a little. Sure, the Gretzky’s and the Jordan’s of this world can spout off pithy bits of inspirational wisdom like that. Look at all they’ve accomplished? We expect them to be awesome. Because they’ve proven their ability throughout their
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My One Word for 2017

Happy New Year! My first post of 2017 is all about one word, steadfast. The dictionary defines steadfast as ‘fixed in direction; steadily directed; firm in purpose, resolution, faith; firmly fixed in place or direction; unwavering’. I like to set measurable, specific, action-oriented goals each year rather than resolutions. Choosing one word that functions as
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