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This sign from somewhere in New Mexico makes me laugh. How appropriate for today’s post.

I don’t know much about these towns. Never been to New Mexico. But I can certainly relate to a “T” in the road. My response to this photo depends on my circumstances. Some days I see an opportunity for a grand adventure, others I quake in my boots over the uncertainty of it all.

What if I turn left when what I really needed to do was turn right?

Truth: I’m a rule follower. Also a bit dependent on signs. One who relies on my GPS (and also my fickle intuition) for guidance far too often.

It’s easy to look for a sign, or even demand and expect a ¬†navigational beacon on our journey.

The hard part is living with the uncertainty of our choices. Especially if we willingly took a path we knew we probably shouldn’t have.

Thankfully God doesn’t need a road sign, a fork in the path, or any conventional means to give us guidance. He isn’t bound by our expectations or short-sighted, fallen human selves.

While I selfishly want the ease and convenience of a ‘sign’ from God, I know He has a plan that’s far better than any I could come up with on my own. Sometimes the gift of a new day and an opportunity to step out in faith and see what He has in store for us is all we need.


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  1. Tammy:

    Amen, Heidi. So glad God has the directions!!


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