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As a mother, I feel compelled to be aware of about a zillion things all at the same time. Even though I am married and my husband is a fantastic father and teammate, a complete and thorough knowledge of everything our children need still resides inside my brain. Clothing, lunch, permission slips, long-term projects, practice, birthday parties, game schedules, homework, vaccinations, wish lists, camp…

I’m tired just writing that paragraph. Multi-tasking is essential to my survival.

Don’t misunderstand, I love my children. I’m grateful for their healthy, happy lives. Yet in the quest to guide them toward being independent, productive humans, my awareness of their well-being seems to edge out my awareness of … well, everything else.

How did I become this vessel for need-meeting? Did I do it to myself? Am I an enabler? They’re getting older. Should I offload some of what I carry onto their somewhat capable shoulders?

I’m finding that stepping outside, away from the house and all the to-do’s demanding to be done, makes me aware of God’s creation and my place in it. We are designed to worship and delight in Him. Our callings are secondary to that chief goal. The same God who made the lakes and the rivers and the beautiful autumn landscape has equipped me with the ability to do all that he’s created me to do.

Your turn: do you find that enjoying nature makes you more aware of your surroundings and helps you recalibrate your priorities?


This post is day 13 of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes.


  1. Tammy:

    Definitely. God’s creation is where I feel closest to Him!


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