Five Minute Friday: Weary

-By default, most of us have taken the dareto simply survive. Exist. Get through. For the most part, we live numb to life. We've grown wearyand apathetic and jaded ... wounded.-Photo credit: Paul Garaizar via Unsplash

 Outrage over a red cup. A disposable cup, by the way. Merely a vessel for infusing our system with our much-coveted, exorbitantly priced caffeinated beverages.

A viral backlash in response to the outrage over said cup.

Another video rant about fellow parents’ egregious acts in the school carpool line. (Hey, I get it. Humans behaving badly irks me, too).

I’ve grown weary of a social media feed flooded with first-world problems. It seems like we’re all just adding to the noise. If this quote from Ann Voskamp is accurate haven’t we missed the mark?

I pray that this isn’t reality. Please don’t misunderstand me. Social media has its place. I recognize I have the freedom to opt out. I also have the utmost respect for Ann Voskamp and the way her words have changed my perspective on cultivating an attitude of thanksgiving.

As we move into the homestretch of 2015, a season jam-packed with high expectations, complex social interactions, and a tsunami of commercialism, I hope ‘weary’ isn’t your default. Because a weary soul has very little room for gratitude.


After a long hiatus, I’m revisiting one of my favorite aspects of social media–the five minute Friday community. The objective: write for five minutes on the weekly prompt, then link up over here. Visit a couple of other posts in the link up and leave an encouraging word. Easy peasy.


  1. Lynette:

    Oh, girl…you so hit the mark! I am so guilty of just making it my priority to get through my day just so I can hit the bed and rest. I pray that I can take your advice to heart and strive for more.

    ~visiting from the link-up. I’m sitting next to you at #76


    • Heidi:

      Hi Lynette, thank you for stopping by. I look forward to reading your post. Take care.


  2. Kadie @ 12 twenty 8:

    I am fairly certain if I didn’t need social media to help build my business, I wouldn’t be on it at all. Some days it is just too much!


    • Heidi:

      I hear you, Kadie. I feel like participation is mandatory if I want to build a platform. Yet some days I have to make a conscious decision to temporarily unplug. Thanks for stopping by.


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