{Almost} Wordless Wednesday: Seaplane Obsessed


So this book baby went solo. Whoop! It is still available as part of a box set for a limited time. If you’d prefer to purchase Love Flies In only, it is available exclusively from Amazon for 99 cents. At less than 100 pages, I think you’ll find it’s a quick, satisfying read.

Since I crafted this story, I’ve developed a bit of a seaplane fetish. Apparently I’m not alone. There are some incredibly talented photographers flying the skies and sharing their work online. Here are five of my favorite virtual places to visit when I need to see amazing photos of both seaplanes and breathtaking scenery, or just catch a glimpse of the homeland.

1. 21 Stellar Seaplane Pictures

2. Sean P Wilson via Instagram

3. Alaska Bush Aviation via Instagram

4. Blue Ice Aviation

5. Evergreen Escapes


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