Ten On Tuesday: 10 Books I Plan to Have in my Beach Bag

1201230187_d4abf4a38b_bWe hit the pool this weekend. Sunscreen application has commenced. That equals summer as far as I’m concerned. Every year we plan our beach trip and every year I wonder if this will be the summer I actually sit in a chair under an umbrella and read a real book while the waves lap at my toes. And someone else watches my children frolic in the surf. I’m thinking I haven’t quite arrived at that season of life yet. Which is totally okay. But I’ll still drag a stack of books to the beach (or overload my e-reader) for a week. In reality, it will take me until Halloween to read ten books. But a girl can dream … Here’s my list of 10 books I plan to pack and potentially read.

1. The Sound of Glass by Karen White: I look forward to her new release every year. I’m quite smitten with this book cover. Hello, if ocean glass is involved it must be a page-turner, right? Right. The premise and the setting have captured my attention, too. Can’t wait.

2. The Wonder of You by Susan May Warren: Book 5 in the Christiansen Family Series releases July 1. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the first four in the series and eagerly anticipate this one, as well. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Susan May Warren yet, but I hope to someday. She’s a giant in the industry and I really admire her work.

3. Paper Towns by John Green: I saw the movie trailer yesterday and now I desperately want to read the book. If I weren’t battling a serious writing deadline, I would’ve started this one already.

4. The Precious One by Marisa de los Santos:  this author’s work is magical, alluring, beauty packed into the prose of every line. I’m so excited she has a new release this spring because I can’t get enough of her writing.

5. At the Water’s Edge by Sara Gruen: loved Water for Elephants and I’m intrigued by this new novel. Reviews are very mixed but I’m going to give it a chance, anyway.

6. Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty: I’ve started this a couple of times and then the library virtually snatched it back. It’s the August book club pick, so I suppose third time’s a charm and I’ll finish it.

7. Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Beth Vogt: this novel kicks off Beth’s destination wedding series and I’m excited to read it. Her novella she just released gave readers a little taste of what’s to come and I think it’s going to be a fantastic read.

8. In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume: Oh my goodness. Judy Blume has a new book coming out. I read everything she wrote when I was a tweener. I just saw this on Amazon’s list of new releases. It sounds like a must-read to me.

9. Splendid Cities: Color Your Way to Calm by Rosie Goodwin and Alice Chadwick: I recently re-discovered the joy of coloring to relieve stress. Perhaps it triggers my obsessive-compulsive, rule follower tendencies and I find something soothing about coloring between the lines, meeting expectations, restoring order … my, my this could be a whole post in itself. Anyway, I love to color and it looks like I could have a new coloring book to take to the beach. Just like the kids. But I’m not sharing mine.

10. Whistling Past the Graveyard by Susan Crandall: My father-in-law loaned me this a few weeks ago and told me the first twenty-five pages were the best first twenty-five pages he’d ever read. It’s definitely captivating. I look forward to reading more.

What’s on your to-be-read list this summer? Share your suggestions in the comments below. If you have a blog, link up with broke and bookish and share your post.

Happy reading, friends!


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