Friday Favorites: Long Weekend Edition

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Oh, Friday. We are so happy to see you. May’s been a long slog for us and we’re grateful for a three-day weekend with very few commitments on our calendar. My only objective is to hang out by the pool and do as little as possible. Well, as little as you can do with three kids. But you know what I mean. I’m linking up with Life In Leggings and sharing my Friday Favorites. Here we go …

To Read:

Charles Martin’s new book, Water from my Heart. Rarely do I read a work of fiction that makes me want to change the way I live my life. This novel is a story of redemption and examines what happens when we become indifferent to the suffering around us. I’ll blog a full review in a separate post next week, but if you’ve never read Charles Martin’s work, I highly recommend his latest release.

To wear:

This weekend marks the official start of summer as well as the beginning of swimsuit season in our part of the country. The pool opens tomorrow and I might be able to get away with shorts and a T-shirt since the air temperature is on the chilly side. But inevitably, it will get hot and muggy again and the pool will provide much-needed entertainment and relief from the heat. Normally I’d put off wearing a two-piece for as long as possible. But this year I discovered the joy that is Boden. Have you ever tried their swimwear? I’m pleasantly surprised by the comfort and quality. The price was nice, too. I went with the St. Lucia Tankini top and mix-and-match bikini bottom. Plenty of coverage for this busy mom of three active boys. Sorry, no photos today. But they are having a 30% off sale at their online site, Boden USA.  Woot! Enter code 3M3M at checkout.

Sanuk Yoga Mat flip-flops: I experienced a flip-flop emergency recently when the ones I’d worn for years broke in the middle of running errands. I tried these Sanuks because I was intrigued by the concept of using recycled yoga mats in flip-flops. Sooo comfortable. I’m tempted to get a second pair in another color.

To listen:

I like to sleep until the last possible second and my husband is kind enough to indulge me and handle a portion of the morning routine. So by the time I do get up, I’m running late and don’t have much time to sit still. So I listen to the radio while I’m getting ready, packing lunches, etc.,  instead of watching morning television. I discovered The Bobby Bones Show several months ago and I love it. For the most part, fairly kid-friendly. They make me laugh, make me think, and they play the latest hits in country music. I listen for free via the iheart radio app on my phone. Bobby Bones is also quite active on social media if you’d like to follow him.

To Do:

Every year I say I won’t wait until the actual Teacher Appreciation week to come up with something reasonably priced and thoughtful to give our children’s teachers. And this year I stared at the flyer announcing teacher appreciation week for days and then acted all shocked and flustered when my boys reminded me this was the week. Oh, Pinterest, please save me.

Free Balm Printables for Teacher Appreciation Week | Perfect for all of your school staff | Designed for an EOS Lip Balm.

Isn’t this clever? The eos lip balm is available all over the place: Target, A.C. Moore, Costco. I’m always grateful for a free printable, too. Thank you, … you are, indeed, the balm.

Your turn: what are you loving this week? Do you have a go-to gift for teacher appreciation? A swimsuit you actually look forward to wearing this season? Share in the comments or blog your own post and link up with Life in Leggings.

Happy weekend!

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