Blogging A to Z: B is for Birthday




B is for birthday … this dude is eleven today. Welcome to Tweenerville. Buckle up, right? I hear it’s quite a ride.

So not ready.

It’s exciting to see glimpses of the older boy he’s becoming. I’m sure it’s a perplexing stage of childhood, especially in a world that moves as fast as ours. He likes Dr. Who, Legos, Star Wars, reading dystopian novels, drawing, shooting at inanimate objects, playing video games, laughing at slightly inappropriate jokes, asking tough questions, hiking, eating corn dogs and drinking sweet tea.

Happy birthday, dude. We hope eleven is epic.

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  1. Marion Ueckermann:

    Hoo boy … I remember 11 🙂

    Happy birthday … don’t give your mom too much grief this year 🙂


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