It’s Monday. What Are You Reading?

1I’m popping in for a quick second to share what I’ve read recently. In case I haven’t mentioned it one or seventeen times, we’ve battled some serious weather issues in the past two weeks. The kids missed almost two straight weeks of school, the roads were a mess, trees down, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, in the midst of all that quality family time (and very little reason to get up early), I stayed up late on more than one occasion, devouring some quality reads.

1. Always On My Mind by Susan May Warren: Another great novel in the Christiansen Family series by one of my favorite authors. The characters, the plot that incorporated an unresolved legend in the community’s history, combined with a romance that kept me wondering until the very end about the conclusion … a true page-turner.

2. Sabotaged by Dani Pettrey: I haven’t read books three or four, but this was a satisfying conclusion to the Alaskan Courage series. Fans of the inspirational suspense/romance genre will enjoy the fast-paced adventures of the hero and heroine. As a former Alaskan, I found elements of the plot to be a little unbelievable. But there’s a suspension of disbelief in all fiction reading, I suppose.

3. How To Catch a Prince by Rachel Hauck: This is book three of three in the Royal Wedding Series. So enjoyable. I cried on more than one occasion. The hero and heroine struggle with the obstacles between them. It’s a reunion romance of sorts, coupled with the fairy-tale aspects of a royal family, and the author puts the reader right smack in the middle of the story world. I love to escape when I read, but it has to be believable and Ms. Hauck did a fabulous job of creating scenes and characters that we are rooting for, longing to see them triumph over their hurts and regrets. On a deeper level, the novel illustrates a beautiful picture of how the Lord loves us. A major part of living out our Christian faith means loving well and also serving others, which the author demonstrates in a very subtle fashion. Five stars, for sure.

4. Traction Man Meets Turbo Dog by Mini Grey: I’m reading this out loud to one of our kids. A lot. They have all enjoyed the Traction Man series and this one was rediscovered at the library last night. So funny.

To Be Read:

Landline by Rainbow Rowell: I have listened to portions of the audiobook twice but it is a challenge for me to finish an audiobook. I want to finish it. I love the story line and the characters are fascinating. So I went for the paper version finally and look forward to hearing the conclusion of the story.

Uncharted Redemption by Keely Brooke Keith: I’m part way through this second novel in the Uncharted series. The first story was great, equal parts suspense and romance with a bit of sci-fi thrown in. This author is definitely one to watch.

Your turn. In honor of Read Across America Day, tell me what you’re reading. If you’ve blogged about it, feel free to join the fun over at Book Journey and link your post here.





  1. Rachel:

    I’m reading the ever popular YA Insurgent. I liked the first book and since the movie is coming out soon I want to read the book first. Thanks for sharing your reads.


  2. I’m reading the Shadow of the Wind, a reread of my all-time fave book for our Travel the World in Books readalong this month. And starting an Uncomplicated Life for a book blog tour next week. I tried clicking on how to catch a prince but it didn’t work for me.

    Enjoy your reading this week! Thanks for sharing with Small Victories Sunday Linkup. Pinning to our linkup board and hope you join us again this weekend.


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