Ten Book Characters Sitting At My Lunch Table: {A Guest Post}

100159701_a0202c1f7d_bWhen I saw the prompt for this week’s Broke and Bookish link, two things happened: I saw the posse from the movie The Breakfast Club (I know, I know that’s not a book) and I envisioned Owen from John Irving’s A Prayer for Owen Meany. The fictional characters that I create myself live on in my head forever. Those created by others? Not so much. So I’ve done what many a blogger does when the words (or book titles) won’t flow … consulted another reader. Consider this an unofficial guest post from The Husband. This is his list of ten book characters sitting at his lunch table. Enjoy!

  1. Jesse Stone, created by by Robert B. Parker
  2. Joe Makatozi, Louis L’Amour’s Last of the Breed
  3. Jubal Sackett, Louis L’Amour’s novel by the same title
  4. Robert S. Johnson, from his biography Thunderbolt!: An Extraordinary Story of a World War II Ace. Details here.
  5. Jay Leutze, Stand Up That Mountain
  6. Will Cooper, Charles Frazier’s Thirteen Moons
  7. Inman from Charles Frazier’s Cold Mountain
  8. Louis Zamparini, Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
  9. Mike Raglan, Louis L’Amour’s Haunted Mesa
  10. Frank Machianno, Don Winslow’s The Winter of Frankie Machine

Okay, so I have to admit … That would be a fun lunch table, testosterone-laden as it may be.

How about you? If you could have lunch with one (or ten) characters from a book, who would you choose?

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