A What I’m Into + What I Learned Mash-up

10271499_10202552993523420_1120753952075222732_nEvery month I get so excited to read Emily Freeman’s “What I Learned” post and blog link up. Then I encountered Leigh Kramer’s “What I’m Into” monthly linkup and now my blog reading horizons are greatly expanded. From the funny to the serious, these commentaries are thought provoking and the observations about pop culture are always good for a laugh. May was a very intense yet enjoyable month for me and I can’t even believe it’s over. So I’m chiming in on this second day of June with a lighthearted mash-up of both what I learned and what I’m into {for May}. Ahem. Fashionably late, I am.

1. Going away with the husband is positively delightful. That’s the most important thing I “learned”. We escaped sans children for only the second time in our marriage. We need to improve our average. This picture doesn’t do it justice, but we had a wonderful visit to the mountains of the great North state. We didn’t see a single chicken nugget or listen to Radio Disney for forty-eight straight hours. And I remembered the many reasons why this man stole my heart. Go, us.

2. Buffer is both the greatest and most intimidating thing I’ve encountered in quite some time. Scheduling Tweets, posts, etc., around the clock, even while I’m asleep?! Get out of town. I gave it a trial run and I thought it was fabulous. But I’m so intimidated. I try to subscribe to a 3 to 1 rule: 3 posts about content that involve someone else for every 1 post I share about my own writing. It’s tricky, that balance. Grateful for Buffer.

3. Summer Song: I love to see what country radio latches onto as the unofficial summer anthem. Last year, I feel like “Pontoon” by Little Big Town nabbed that top spot for me. On those rare occasions I was alone in the car and that song came on, it was definitely worthy of a volume crank. This year I’m really liking Scotty McCreery’s “Feelin’ It”. Now I’m not shy about my affection for Scotty and I’m glad he’s trying to branch out with a ‘party song’ that appeals to his target audience. Good on ‘ya, Scotty.

4. Project Life: I’ve watched the scrapbooking gurus sing the praises of the Project Life system for a long time. This weekend I broke out the Honey Edition and got to work. Oh my. So Easy. I should have implemented this process a long time ago. At this rate, I have some hope of actually catching up.

5. Burger Shop: I’m not much of a video game person. I ignore all the requests for Farmville and Candy whatever. Apart from Words With Friends, it just doesn’t capture my attention. I did play my fair share of Pac Man growing up and I remember when that Mario arrived on the scene and we all lost our minds. Now that I’m living in a house full of boys, there’s a constant stream of conversation about the latest apps, Minecraft, blah, blah, blah. It’s enough to make my head spin. Then Burger Shop happened. I blame the four year old. He started playing it on the Kindle but asked for my ‘help’ one afternoon. So addicting. I think it brings out all my obsessive compulsive, perfectionistic tendencies. You should probably avoid it.

6. Summer reads: I’ll be back tomorrow with my official summer reading list, but I have to mention my current fave. Goodnight June by Sarah Jio. A fictional take on the famous author of the classic children’s book Goodnight Moon. Apparently Ms. Brown was vivacious and fun, but struggled with her personal relationships and died at a young age. I wasn’t going to start reading it because my friend warned me it would suck me in. But I caved this morning and read four chapters while I was riding stationary bike at the gym. Multi-tasking, right? It’s an excellent read by one of my favorite authors.

There’s still time to link up at both Leigh and Emily’s blogs. Tell us what you learned and/or what you’re into these days.


  1. Annette Smith:

    Thanks for the tip about Goodnight June. I just ordered it from the library.


    • Heidi:

      You’re welcome, Annette. Very enjoyable so far. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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