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Throwback Thursday: Books and I Go Way Back

I feel like I’ve shared this one before, but it warms my heart and is worthy of an encore presentation. Growing up in a family business, I often wanted to be near my parents and underfoot. When customers needed attention, my presence was a bit of a problem, so one way to pass the time
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Wordless Wednesday: I Love These Funny Faces

Our annual funny faces Father’s Day photo shoot. I sure do love these goofballs.
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Character Spotlight: Unraveled’s Hero, Blake Tully

Blake Tully, the hot young entrepreneur from Emerald Cove, Alaska and hero of the inspirational romance novel Unraveled, had a few minutes between kayaking and white water rafting excursions to answer some pressing questions. He shared insights into his past, his idea of the perfect woman and plans for the future. Read on, ladies. You won’t want to
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Almost Wordless Wednesday: Spray Ground

We started another round of swim lessons today. He planned his itinerary over breakfast. 1. Swim lesson 2. Kiddie pool 3. Spray ground 4. Snack chart (I can’t bear to correct him. Much to his dismay, the snack “chart” wasn’t open today. I guess we’ll have to drop $3 on a ring pop some other
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Ten on Tuesdays: Books I Want in My Beach Bag

I have so many books I want to read this summer. My intentions are always much bigger than reality. I can squeeze in a page or two when we’re at the pool. The boys get out of the water for ten minutes every hour and usually have a popsicle. My husband is kind enough to
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A What I’m Into + What I Learned Mash-up

Every month I get so excited to read Emily Freeman’s “What I Learned” post and blog link up. Then I encountered Leigh Kramer’s “What I’m Into” monthly linkup and now my blog reading horizons are greatly expanded. From the funny to the serious, these commentaries are thought provoking and the observations about pop culture are
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