Adventures of a Debut Author: A Grateful Heart

2014-04-23 16.01.01


Look what arrived on my doorstep yesterday. Long distance high fives and scrumptious treats … A celebration in a box for the imminent release of my first novel. Squeeee!

Chocolate, more chocolate, access to coffee and a framed photo of the novel’s cover.

I heart my people.

While I’ve been known to get completely consumed a little wrapped up in the journey toward publication, this week the contagious joy of a dream come true really blossomed all around me. Words of encouragement, fun Tweets and genuine enthusiasm have poured out from friends and family. I’m forever grateful.

I’m kicking off what I hope will be a regularish series about this adventurous season in the life of an author. My goal is to feature other debut authors and their work, as well. So stay tuned for more details and a behind the scenes (sorry, pun fully intended) peek at how this all goes down.

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