Things I Learned: February Edition

Given that this is the shortest month of the year, I feel it’s perfectly acceptable to post a very brief list of things I learned in February. I’m adopting the less is more approach.

2014-02-13 13.11.34

1. It only takes a few inches of snow to bring life to a screeching halt around here. The flakes fell quickly, blanketing everything in winter-white in only a matter of minutes. I think it was probably the biggest snowstorm this area experienced in quite awhile. Our kids were already tracked out of school, so the snow days were just an added bonus for us. Besides, it gave us the rare opportunity to take pictures like this:

2014-02-13 13.52.38

Call me biased, but they’re adorable. “Snowy” didn’t survive the next big gust of wind, but we had a good time while it lasted.

2. Occasionally a movie really does live up to it’s hype. We have eagerly awaited the arrival of the Lego movie since the boys saw the first trailer many moons ago. I was a bit skeptical at first, but it ended up being a great show. The one liners were perfect for keeping the grown-ups entertained, while the overall message of the film was appropriate for all ages.  Two thumbs up, says this mama.

3. One incredible song can restore my faith in an entire genre. My beloved country music has taken a decidedly “pop” turn these days. Seriously, if I hear one more male country artist attempting to rap … can’t. even. deal. While I get that artists feel compelled to play what sells and what the radio stations will play, I haven’t been super impressed by anything new lately.

Until I heard Hold On by Dierks Bentley. I’m a huge fan of a song that evokes an emotional response. Big shocker there, I know.  I’d say Dierks hit it out of the park on this one. Incidentally, I just heard an interview with him on the radio while I was driving to fetch the preschooler. He says life was humming right along, he was content with his party rock anthems because they were the foundation of his shows, what the crowds loved to hear him play. His dad was healthy and his family was complete with two kids. Then his dad got sick and passed away and his wife was expecting their third child. The lyrics of this song touch on those unexpected curve balls in his life. Anyway, I love it and I hope you do, as well.

I’m linking up with Emily Freeman over at Chatting At the Sky. She hosts a funny and thought-provoking link up on the last day of most months called … wait for it … things I learned. Click here to join the fun. 



  1. Anne:

    Heidi, I really like your brief list. My two “kids” age 23 and 20 went to see the Lego movie. They both loved it! And they really think their parents should go. Well, we tried on Valentine’s night, thinking no kids would be at the movies. Wrong! Sold out!, so we’ll have to try to catch it some other time. Also, I’m not a country music fan, but I’ll have to check out the song you mentioned. Visiting from Emily’s!


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