The Ten On Tuesdays: Broke and Bookish {Rewind}


I enjoy visiting the Broke and Bookish Blog, especially on Tuesdays. They have a prolific following and host a blog link-up with a very bookish theme. Today is a rewind, meaning you choose a topic from a previous week that you missed out on and wish that you hadn’t.

I’m obsessed with book covers these days as I wait (not at all patiently) to see my own cover for the first time … There are certain elements that provoke an emotional reaction and make me want to read a book, even if I’ve never heard of the author before. So here we go …

Ten Book Covers That Wooed This Voracious Reader

1. Easily Amused by Karen McQuestion: I hadn’t read anything by Karen when I saw this cover. So simple, so intriguing. I couldn’t resist and I’m glad I took a chance. A great read. By the way, Karen was self-pub before self-pub was cool.

2. Far From Here by Nicole Baart: Why is she walking through the field? What’s up with the plane? I had to know. A phenomenal book, her writing style is captivating.

3. Unwritten by Charles Martin: I love 1 word titles. And people walking on the beach. This is THE best book I read in 2013.

4. The Road To Mercy by Kathy Harris: this cover is so beautiful. The sunlight, the airplane, their body language… this cover ultimately led me to Tekeme Studios and my first publishing contract with Winslet Press. Yay!

5. The Peach keeper by Sarah Addison Allen: I saw this cover in a magazine article about authors from Ashville, NC. A delightful read and a talented writer. I’ve enjoyed her subsequent work, as well.

 6. Wonder by RJ Palacio: I’d heard about this novel from other book bloggers, but hadn’t paid much attention. Then I saw it advertised in Scholastic’ s magazine, which I read in the pediatrician’ s office recently. Beautiful in it’s simplicity, yet powerful and thought-provoking. I love that this novel is making it onto the required reading list in some schools.

7. Wish Me Tomorrow by Karen Rock: I heard about Harlequin’ s new line of heartwarming romance when I entered a contest last fall. This was the first one I read and really enjoyed it, although it has a bit weightier subject matter. Their subsequent covers are pretty awesome, too.

8. The Blue Bistro by Elin Hilderbrand: bare foot and embracing on the beach? Gets me every time. This was the first book by Elin Hilderbrand that I ever read. Now she’s usually the first author on my “beach reads” list every summer.


9. Calling Me Home by Julie Kibler: I’m often curious about debut authors writing in the genre of women’s fiction. This novel was featured on She Reads. I thought the cover was fantastic and the writing is incredible. Second only to Unwritten, this is the other best book I read in 2013.

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10. Attachments by Rainbow Rowell: this is one of those books that popped up on my ‘suggestions for you’ feed via Amazon.  I was quite curious. Rainbow Rowell is a wonderfully talented writer and I’m looking forward to reading her recent release, Eleanor and Park.

There you have it. Ten book covers that wooed me and made me a fan. I’m obviously drawn to airplanes, beaches and people holding hands.

Your turn: what is it about a book cover that makes you want to take a chance on a new-to-you author? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment. 

I’m linking up here with the Broke and the Bookish and their Top Ten Tuesdays post.


  1. Karolina:

    I can see what you mean about the cover of “Far From Here.” That cover makes me want to open up the book and see what it’s all about. Sadly I haven’t read any of the books on your list. Maybe I’ll get around to it sometime in the future, though! 🙂


    • Heidi:

      Karolina, Thanks for stopping by and reading my list. Yes, Far From Here is a fabulous cover. I’m looking forward to visiting your blog today.


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