I heart Bloglovin’

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No, I’m not posting in code. This is just a shameless plug for Bloglovin’, the best way to insure you never miss the latest posts from all of your favorite blogs. Particularly this one. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. See that Bloglovin’ widget on my sidebar? Click on it. You’ll be so glad you did.

A little hesitant? Need more information? Wondering what in the world is Bloglovin’ ?

Here’s what you need to know:

In this crazy fast world of information overload, we are constantly bombarded with posts, tweets, texts, reminders, status updates. Wading through all the sensory input to find the content we’re truly seeking is a bit like drinking from a fire hose. But let’s be real: there are tremendously talented bloggers out there posting fantastic content on a regular basis. So how do we find our tribe and engage in the conversation?

Bloglovin’ allows you to access all the blogs you want to read from one location, streaming the posts in a feed that’s similar to Facebook. Here’s my favorite part: you can follow from your mobile device because … there’s a Bloglovin’ app. Woot! 

Setting up a Bloglovin’ account requires an email address or you can log on using your Facebook account. Search for the blogs you love, add them to your feed and start enjoying the posts. Did you read a post you can’t resist sharing with your friends? Pin directly to Pinterest, tweet the post to your followers and/or share on Facebook, all from within Bloglovin’. For reals. It only takes a few minutes to get started and you’ll be amazed by how easy it is.

If you’re a blogger and want people to follow you, it’s super easy to claim your code and put a widget in your sidebar.

So there you have it. Click over to Bloglovin’ and gather all your faves in one fantastic feed.

You’re welcome.


  1. Maggie:

    I wondered what Bloglovin’ was… thanks for the answer!


    • Heidi:

      You’re welcome, Maggie. I love it, keeps me from missing out on my fave bloggers’ posts. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my post. Glad I could help.


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