Tuesdays Unwrapped: Moonstruck in Dixie

2013-12-10 14.39.46

The rain poured down and I parked in a puddle. Sleep-deprived and battling a cold, my holiday to-do list loomed large. Zipping my coat to my chin, I hustled inside the grocery store. It wasn’t my usual one-stop shop. But the Sunday ads lured me in with buy one get one free bread. It was even the preferred brand of the carb addicts that reside here in my hive. A true win-win.

I detoured through the Christmas candy aisle and what to my wondering eyes did appear …

Moonstruck chocolate?!

When we lived in Oregon, a dear friend introduced me to Moonstruck Chocolate. Simply scrumptious. Handcrafted, artisan chocolate. Our short time in Portland holds such fond memories. Our first year of marriage, great friends, a wonderful church … our first kiddo. It isn’t often that I see a reminder of Portland here in the heart of Dixie. I considered buying out the whole display, but I was afraid it wouldn’t be as tasty as I remembered and then I’d have an expensive stash of disappointing chocolate.

I can’t believe I just typed that sentence. Blasphemy, yes? Could chocolate ever disappoint?

Well, let me tell you it was just as delicious as my taste buds recalled.  A bright spot in an otherwise stressful day. Thankful for an unexpected surprise and an opportunity to reminisce about our days in Portland.

I’m linking up with Emily Freeman over at Chatting at the Sky for the last week of Tuesdays Unwrapped: “we’re choosing one gift of our ordinary day and finding the miracle secret it holds”. Join us. 


  1. Shelly Miller:

    I’ve never heard of that brand but I’ve never been to Oregon either. Chocolate is always a welcome surprise at my house. Lovely to meet you through Emily’s link-up.


    • Heidi:

      Lovely to meet you, too, Shelly. Put Oregon and Moonstruck chocolate on your bucket list. 😉


  2. Caroline Starr Rose:

    I love how simple things can brighten a day.


    • Heidi:

      Yes, definitely the highlight of an otherwise gloomy, busy day. Thanks for visiting, Caroline.


  3. ~Karrilee~:

    Hmmm – I am visiting from Emilys tonight and I am from the PNW and have not had Moonstruck… it seems I am missing out! Now – I am on the hunt! (and thank you!)


    • Heidi:

      Karrilee, I hope you find some! Thanks for stopping by. I love Tuesdays Unwrapped, don’t you?


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