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Things I Learned in December

1. My attitude sets the tone for the whole house. Um, hello? Parenting 101, right? I’m a slow learner. And stubborn. And prideful. But the closer we roam into pre-teen territory, the more acutely aware I am of how my tone of voice and response to conflict impacts our children. I saw this wonderful verse on
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The Superior Awesomeness of Boyhood

The two days after Christmas are not my favorite. All of the excitement has faded and I’m starting to twitch because no one who lives here appears to possess the motivation to restore order. There’s still shredded wrapping paper strewn across the floor, empty Lego boxes in the corner and newly assembled toys hogging every
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The Home Stretch: 5 Ways To Survive The Last 36 Hours Before 12.25

Well, the weather outside is frightful … our attitudes are far from delightful …andyoucan’tpaymeenoughmoneytotakethreeboysanywheretoday … okay, that last part didn’t rhyme. Forgive me. My brain is numb from mediating petty disagreements and listening to that annoying music that accompanies a certain game involving flying birds and bright green pigs. We did manage to get out
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{Almost} Wordless Wednesday: Kayaking Santa

Photo credit: Lifetime Adventures near Palmer, Alaska I saw this picture on Facebook last week when Alaska magazine posted it in their feed. It made me smile and stuck with me. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Santa delivered gifts via kayak? The snow covered background, the winter sky … brings back such fond memories of
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Tuesdays Unwrapped: Moonstruck in Dixie

The rain poured down and I parked in a puddle. Sleep-deprived and battling a cold, my holiday to-do list loomed large. Zipping my coat to my chin, I hustled inside the grocery store. It wasn’t my usual one-stop shop. But the Sunday ads lured me in with buy one get one free bread. It was
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Salchows, Halfpipes, and … Lolo?! Oh my.

  Photo credit: Flickr via Compfight I’m working on a story about a competitive figure skater. Do you know your Salchow from your Triple Lutz? Me, either. But let me just say that I’ve watched a lot figure skating in the last week or two. Which gets me all fired up for the 2014 winter Olympics in
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Five Minute Friday: {Reflect}

The Little Mister turns four today. I can’t even believe it. He came into the world on a freezing cold December evening … in comparison to his brothers’ birth stories, his was the easiest and most uneventful delivery (thanks to the wonders of modern medicine). He’s sweet and charming, inquisitive and funny. Loves Minecraft and
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Tuesdays Unwrapped: Nativity Freestyle

I’ve always wanted a ‘real’ nativity set. Ornate, fancy, simple or understated. I’m not even sure it matters. I just want one. Because “good” housewives have a complete nativity set as the centerpiece of their Advent celebration. Right? Wrong. This season is supposed to be about joy. Anticipation. Gifts that celebrate the ultimate Giver. I
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Let Your Good Enough Be Splendid This Year

Vintage Label compliments of the graphics fairy It’s Cyber Monday and the second day of Advent. The boys are wondering where their Lego Advent calendars are. Apparently we, meaning me, was supposed to acquire those. Our tree is in the stand but looks stark naked and pathetic. I don’t feel like venturing into the attic
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