31 Days: I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again …


PicMonkey Collage3Remember those lyrics from the late 90’s hit, ‘Tubthumping’ by Chumbawamba? In case you need to refresh your memory, the video is available here . While the lyrics are not at all family-friendly, the chorus has played in my head throughout the weekend. It seems my enthusiasm over advancing to the next round of a writing contest was short-lived. Sadly, I could not meet the deadline for submitting the finished manuscript because … well, I’m not finished. While I’m disappointed and feeling a bit sheepish, several friends have encouraged me with both kind words and nuggets of wisdom: consider this a small victory that I am on the ‘write’ track (ha!) and use it as motivation to keep writing. Not that it should take priority over my home and family, but I do need to take a more disciplined approach. This includes setting small goals and striving to achieve them if I want to pursue publication.

Although I faltered in posting consistently for 31 days, I’m determined to finish strong. Just as I’m determined to finish both of the manuscripts I’m juggling.

While today’s post isn’t dedicated specifically to the contemporary romance genre, it is a post about establishing a writing routine that works. Here are three articles I’ve read in recent weeks that have helped me to identify the areas that often derail my productivity.

For me, the greatest issue isn’t having the time to write, but choosing to use my time well. Social media is a wonderful thing but it takes me down a rabbit trail in 2.5 seconds. Before I know it, an hour is gone and I haven’t written anything useful.

Your turn: What’s your biggest obstacle to meeting your writing goals? 


  1. Bev:

    It’s funny the timing of your post – I was just going to email you about your routine! I too get so caught up in other things – a lot of blog hopping, reading and making art. I need to make sure, if I want to write, then I have to make time for art.
    I do hope when you are finished your novel that you submit it. Would love to read it!


    • Heidi McCahan:

      Bev, I’m terrible about using all of my ‘writing’ time on social media. When SYTYCW started, I downloaded a ‘word tracker’ app on my phone. It’s not fancy, but if I use it, I can measure my productivity … or lack thereof. 😉 I use the ‘my kids are still little’ excuse, but I need to strive to be more disciplined. Thanks for commenting. I hope you find time to make art very soon.


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