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31 Days Toward Writing A Must-Read Romance

Since our first-born was an infant, I’ve sought connections with other women in a similar life stage. Mothers of Preschoolers meetings were my lifeline. Twice a month, I could count on adult conversation, a safe place for my child(ren) to be, laughter, and let’s not forget coffee and a hot breakfast. I learned so much
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Made To Last: An Interview With Melissa Tagg

When you read a wonderful book, you can’t help telling your friends all about it, right? That’s why I’m proclaiming from the virtual rooftops how much I enjoyed Melissa Tagg’s debut novel Made To Last. With an entertaining plot and true-to-life characters, Made To Last is a must read for fans of inspirational romance. I’m
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Five Minute Friday: {true}

It’s true. I spent hours staring at books and scribbling on paper until I figured out how to read and write for myself … which opened up a whole new world. It’s true. The bookmobile made a thirty-mile trek (one way) to my house in the summer, where I’d stand in that musty little container of endless possibilities
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Behind the Scenes: The Imperfectly Awesome Birthday

It’s one of my life’s little ironies … the kid who is constantly moving, cracking jokes, making us laugh and often impersonating some mode of transportation (planes, trains and race cars) is the one who vehemently objects to birthday parties on his big day. I think we might have had a party for him when
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Don’t Miss Dani Pettrey’s Alaskan Adventures Sweepstakes!

I’m always intrigued when a movie or a novel is set in my home state. Alaska is tricky to depict: diverse, intriguing and saddled with numerous stereotypes. That’s why I was eager to start reading Dani Pettrey’s Alaskan Courage series when her first book Submerged was released in May of 2012. It was awesome! The perfect blend
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Five Minute Friday: {mercy}

Mercy. ‘Something that gives evidence of divine favor; a blessing’ …  There are a few definitions listed for mercy, but that’s the one that resonates with me. This life is full of concepts we pay lip-service to, throw money at, raise support for … But it’s mercy that brings me to my knees. Slows the frantic pace
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Behind the Scenes: There’s a Mouse in My Bowl and Other Life Lessons

Bleary-eyed and grumpy, I scooped the dog’s food out of the bag this morning at 6:53 and poured not only a cup full of kibble into the bowl, but also a mouse. He blinked and waved hello. Just kidding. He picked up another morsel of dog food and kept eating like he belonged there. At
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