Five Minute Friday: Lonely

“Writing is like breathing, sometimes its better if you don’t think about it too hard.” -Lisa Jo Baker

Five minutes. Pour out the words. Mute that feisty internal editor. Link up and feel the love.

That’s how it’s done.

The word for the day? LONELY

I hear the squabbling before I’m even out of bed. Same arguments, different day. My energy is sapped before my feet touch carpet. Really? The husband has an early meeting and he’s already fixed their breakfast, so it’s time to rise and shine…only not so much. I’d rather pull the covers up over my head and hide for another twenty minutes.

This business of motherhood is tough. I didn’t expect to question my decisions as often as I do. I didn’t expect that in this world of 24/7 connections, we would still feel as though we mother alone so much of the time.

It’s a hard truth to embrace: we chronically over-share in our virtual worlds, yet so many moms battle loneliness, depression, self-doubt behind closed doors. I started reading Sarah Mae’s book The Unwired Mom today, about mothers who have chosen the internet over living this one wild and crazy existence God has blessed us with.

It’s staggering, the amount of responsibility we have in raising our children. But we aren’t meant to do it alone. God has equipped us for the task at hand. We are more than conquerors.

So here’s to you, struggling mama, slogging through another week and counting the minutes until the reinforcements arrive. Connecting takes courage, but you can do it. Shove that loneliness aside, pack those kiddos in their carseats and point your minivan toward the pool, the park, the zipline…whatever it takes to hear someone say, “me, too. I can totally relate.”

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  1. katherine:

    Ithink I should read this book LOL
    thanks for posting for FMF I didn’t even get to the lonely part


  2. Debi @

    Great post. What a tribute to those who spend time alone in this thing we call motherhood. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Alia Joy:

    Yes, it’s that glorious “me too” moment that makes the loneliness fade away and the roots of friendship take hold. I love that. I am so blessed to have a community of mama friends who are willing to point their minivans in my direction and join me in this crazy mothering. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and encouragement on being a mama.


  4. Karin Deaver:

    I appreciate your honesty. This too has been my experience in motherhood. Making intentional efforts to connect was the hardest, but most important choice I made along this journey. I found out most Moms I know struggle much the same as I do. It’s so much more doable with company. Love your post!


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