Let’s Review, Shall We?

I’m in complete denial that July is over. When Emily at Chatting at the Sky shared her list of things she learned last month and invited us to link up, I hopped to it. While my brain is a vessel for all sorts of minutiae regarding Legos, Star Wars and Angry Birds, none of my fun tips pertain to those scintillating topics. So here’s the scoop…

1. The Kindle app for iPhones is uh-maze-ing. I’m a tad late to this party, I know. But this little piece of tech goodness provided a whole hour of contentment for my 9 year old. That’s huge, friends. My kids are out of school this week, it’s pouring down rain and we’re desperate for entertainment. I took them to an indoor playground/bouncy house and said 9 year old was suddenly way to cool for what was once his favorite hang out. I downloaded the app and all of our books were magically at our fingertips. He read quietly for at least an hour. I heart the cloud.

2. My stubborn desire to avoid menu planning will be my demise. In case I haven’t mentioned it 937 times, we have three boys. And, well, they like to eat. Frequently. While their discerning palates are a bit of an issue, going to the store every 36 hours is so.not.my.thing. Time to revisit all those yummy recipes I pinned on Pinterest and crank out a plan. That’s what August is for, right?

3. Parent teacher conferences at the start of the school year? Brilliant. I had the best meeting with one of the boys’ teachers yesterday. We sat in the school library and talked for 30 minutes about specific qualities that make my child unique, ways this year could be a challenge, books he might enjoy…so refreshing to have this conversation before there’s an issue. So impressed.

4. It’s official. Montana is on my bucket list. 1077014_10151576265424912_1796275369_o

So many fabulous pictures posted on Facebook this week from friends and family visiting Montana. Thanks to Julia Matuska for sharing this one from Glacier National Park’s Facebook page. The hubby and I have decided we simply must see Montana. We’ve both been before but it didn’t look like this.

So there you have it. Four things I learned in July. Come join us at chatting at the sky…You never know, you might learn something.


  1. Amanda MacB:

    I love the idea of a beginning of the year conference. As a former teacher, I wish that had been implemented in my school.
    And meal planning – ugh. I’ve tried emeals this summer and that has helped some…but not enough.


  2. Deb Weaver:

    Hi Heidi! We both linked onto Emily Freeman’s post today (I think I was right before you). I enjoyed your list and the humor that peeps out from your words! And you’re right–pre-problem conferences are always much better!!!

    Deb Weaver


  3. Brooke:

    Hi Heidi, I’m visiting from Emily’s place and enjoyed your list. You got me right off the bat with the menu planning. I absolutely need to start doing that again! Have been putting if off too long. I haven’t seen all of Montana, but what I have is spectacular 🙂


  4. Amy L. Sullivan:

    Oh Montana. Pure paradise.


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