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5 Things I Learned in August

I’m linking up with Emily Freeman on this final day of August to share somewhat amusing tidbits I’ve learned this month. Such a great group of bloggers have joined in the fun, so grab your coffee and dive in. I always learn something new about how to use my iPhone… 1. I’m capable of cross-country
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Chasing My Muse: Any Tips For A Newbie?

I’m up to my eyebrows in edits, my other project is “stuck” mid-scene, and the humidity is oppressive today, chasing me indoors from my favorite writing spot: our screened porch. What I wouldn’t give for a walk on the beach right now, the one place that never fails to inspire me…at least that’s what I
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Behind the Scenes: Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Several weeks ago, our church announced plans to attend a minor league baseball game on a Sunday evening in late August. We were on vacation when I received the email and before I bothered to talk to my family, the deadline for purchasing tickets came and went. Another announcement was made in church this past
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Behind the Scenes: Jet Lag? Who Has Jet Lag?

Our recent vacation carried us across three time zones. While it was still the middle of the night on the West coast, the boys had “slept in” according to their body clocks. Ugh. I plied them with fun apps on the Kindle and more than enough Disney Jr on television…my options for somewhat quiet activities
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Five Minute Friday: Lonely

“Writing is like breathing, sometimes its better if you don’t think about it too hard.” -Lisa Jo Baker Five minutes. Pour out the words. Mute that feisty internal editor. Link up and feel the love. That’s how it’s done. The word for the day? LONELY I hear the squabbling before I’m even out of bed. Same
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Five Minute Friday: {Story}

The highlight of this word-wrangler’s week: an opportunity to write, unscripted, for five minutes. Come join this fabulous community of encouraging and talented folks. Link up with Lisa Jo Baker and the finest flash mob around right here. Word of the day? STORY I hear fake people. There. I said it. It all started with
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Let’s Review, Shall We?

I’m in complete denial that July is over. When Emily at Chatting at the Sky shared her list of things she learned last month and invited us to link up, I hopped to it. While my brain is a vessel for all sorts of minutiae regarding Legos, Star Wars and Angry Birds, none of my
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