Five Minute Friday: {Beautiful}

OIB Bridge 2013

This is it. The one week of the year where our tribe makes the faithful pilgrimage to the coast. I’m one of the outlaws–I married into this grand tradition–and the beginning is always my favorite part. This view. Right here.

From the top of the bridge, we are one of many, many cars in a long line waiting impatiently to begin another vacation. The kids are antsy and I’m tired of being in the car with them, but when we get to this point, our consternation melts away. We can see for miles in either direction, both the Intracoastal Waterway below us and the Atlantic churning in the distance.

It’s beautiful, not just because we stand in awe of God’s grand design, but because of what this week represents for all of us.

Another chance to stay at “our” beach house (as we’ve come to call the place we’ve rented three years running), another year of reconnecting, teaching our children what it means to be a part of a large family that vacations together.

 We know it won’t be a perfect week, but it will be beautiful.

Because we spent it together, building memories that we’ll carry with us until we sit at the top of the bridge for our next first time.

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  1. Callie:

    That IS beautiful, both the view and what it represents for your family, the togetherness and the memories. My family went to a vacation house together–a lake and mountain house–for three years in a row, but we haven’t been able to go for two years now. I hope very much that we can make it happen next year, because we always have such a good time just being there together. We need that, I think. And I want our daughter to grow up with that tradition. You’re right–it’s important for everyone, but maybe especially for the kids, to have those memories. I hope you have a wonderful time!


    • Heidi:

      Hi, Callie-
      Thanks for your comment. Oh, a lake and mountain house vacation…those are two I would like to try. I’m glad you’ve had that tradition in your family, too. I hope you can work it back into your routine somehow. Yes, it’s a great experience, particularly for our children. -Heidi


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