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Behind the Scenes: Summer of the Swim Test

We all long to see your children succeed, don’t we? We pay a lot of lip service to letting our children make mistakes so we can teach them the appropriate coping strategies. But in reality, I can hardly stand it when things don’t go well. I can barely stand it when I fail, much less
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What’s In A Name?

His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge…George Alexander Louis…doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it? I was really hoping for Spencer. I wonder what they’ll call him for short? Maybe they should take a page from the Southerners playbook and just call him “Trey”. He is third in line for the throne, after all.
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{Almost} Wordless Wednesday: Where’s My Easy Button?

Rough day here in the trenches….longing for simpler days at the beach, where homework didn’t exist and sibling rivalry dissipated in the salty air. As we slogged toward bed time tonight, the hubby mumbled, “Sorry. I can’t find the easy button.” Drat. Carry on, then.
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On The Money: A Bad Case of the Wants

It’s come to my attention that one among us has what you might call a “bad case of the wants”. He begged for a new backpack when school started last week. But feeling bitter from the cash we just dropped to buy school supplies for two children, I didn’t think it was right to run back to
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Five Minute Friday: {Belong}

One of my favorite bloggers and the hostess of Five Minute Friday, Lisa Jo Baker, became an American citizen this week. Her exuberance through social media was nearly palpable. I love that a simple tweet, status update or Instagram photo can bring us right along side the party as we celebrate life’s great joys. For
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Wordless Wednesday

He loves to throw rocks, shells, sticks…anything he can find into the nearest body of water. The fact that he’s using his left hand makes me absolutely giddy.
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Behind the Scenes: Choosing Joy

At first glance, they are adorable. Three boys. Three chairs. Caught in a candid moment that melts a mama’s heart. But this is the last time they’ll sit in these chairs for awhile. The car is jam-packed with all our worldly possessions–at least the ones we thought we couldn’t live without for a week–we’re sweating
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Anxiety? We Slayed It.

In our crazy mixed up world known as year-around school, today was our first day back. Mind you, we just finished kindergarten and third grade last week. Which means we I simultaneously purchased school supplies and sunscreen for our trip to the beach. Given our track record for dealing with new situations and our issues
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Five Minute Friday: {Beautiful}

This is it. The one week of the year where our tribe makes the faithful pilgrimage to the coast. I’m one of the outlaws–I married into this grand tradition–and the beginning is always my favorite part. This view. Right here. From the top of the bridge, we are one of many, many cars in a
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