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Five Minute Friday: {In Between}

I watched you this morning, sitting among your fellow third-graders…fourth grade only minutes away. In between. It’s where you are. Old enough to drive your own go kart but still young enough to weave your way through that crowded classroom this morning and ask me to sit with you. Wonder of wonders, you even sat
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{Almost} Wordless Wednesday

Every time he finishes a swim lesson, we celebrate with a visit to the spray ground. Can’t.Stand.The.Cuteness.
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Pool Etiquette 101: A Tired Mama’s Dilemma

We followed in the footsteps of our neighborhood friends and joined a pool this summer. The boys beg us to take them after school, Eli asks every night before bed if we’ll go when he wakes up…we plan our weekend activities around pool time and the local weather forecast. I think it’s pretty safe to
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Five Minute Friday: {Listen}

  “You’re short on ears and long on mouth.”  ― John Wayne For real. When did I get so bad at this? I feel like my ability to listen well gets worse with each passing year. Is it the number of children residing in my home? The buzz of activity that hums at a dull roar
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Behind the Scenes: Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Linking up with Crystal Stine today as we share a look “behind the scenes”…in the spirit of authenticity we are posting real photos of our everyday lives in an effort to share our struggles as well as encourage one another. I needed something light-hearted today and this is one of my favorites pics from recent
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He Never Lets Go

To all the well-meaning, seasoned veterans of motherhood who patted me on the arm in my bleary- eyed state of baby-raising and said, “enjoy this phase, it goes so fast.” I’m sorry I snarled and/or glared at you as if you’d sprouted a third eye. You were right. Although I’m pretty happy to be sleeping
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Behind The Scenes: Great Expectations

Interrupting the Ten on Tuesdays to link up with Crystal Stine as she kicks off her Behind the Scenes link up today. If you’ve ever read a status update and secretly wondered how someone can live that well or scanned a Pinterest board and wished you could eat dinner at their house, then this linky goodness might
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The Boys in the Boat: From Obscurity to Olympians

Who doesn’t love a story about an underdog? I’m always captivated by the Olympic champions who are products of blue-collar towns, defying improbable odds to stand on the podium and receive their medals. Only you, Mary Lou. Rulon Gardner. Kerri Strug. Wilma Rudolph…the list goes on. Once upon a time, we had the pleasure of
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