Memory-Makin’ on A Monday

While I fully acknowledge that this weekend has little to do with how we spend our time and more to do with expressing gratitude for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, I must say that little boys have a lot of energy and their threshold for patriotism and moments of silence is…how shall we say? Limited.

Furthermore, this mama was blind-sided by a nasty virus and abandoned her duties in favor of much napping and antibiotics. Thus leaving the Dad as chief entertainment provider. He went with the always-popular outdoor adventure: boat ride on the lake. As soon as Steve announced the outing, I heard Andy ask, “can we get a boat that goes REALLY fast?”

Of course. He always feels the need for speed.

DCIM100SPORT DCIM100SPORT DCIM100SPORTProps to my hubby. I don’t know too many dads who are as brave as you.

Thanks for making today memorable for the boys. They are blessed to have such a loving and dedicated father.

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