Crashing Back to Reality {An Attitude of Gratitude}

DCIM100SPORTAfter five magical days at Disney, our re-entry into normal life has been a little bumpy. The boys are constantly jumping on each other’s last nerve, the car needed an expensive repair and the new HVAC system for the upstairs will be installed on Wednesday. It’s enough to make a little voice inside my head whisper was it worth it? 

Our friend and pastor suggested yesterday that this is subtle manipulation on behalf of the Enemy.

Huh. I hadn’t considered that.

This change in perspective has allowed me to count my blessings instead of hosting a one-woman pity party.

I’m thankful for the joy on our boys’ faces when they met their favorite characters, giggled with delight on a roller coaster and yelled, “This is so awesome!” every five minutes all week long.

I’m grateful for a husband who works hard without complaining so we can build these memories together. And if I may brag on him for a moment more, he willingly tackled the mountain of dirty clothes we dumped out of our suitcases. Nothing says love like a husband who washes, folds and puts away the post-vacation laundry.

We plugged the memory card from our camera into the computer last night to look at our pictures and found old videos we’d forgotten all about. As we watched a first grade version of Luke play basketball, Eli toddle precariously down the hall as he learned to walk and Andy celebrate his 5th birthday (all in the span of 12 minutes), I heard Steve whisper, “they are growing up so fast.”

Yes. Yes they are.

So on this rainy Monday, when I have already staunched the bleeding on someone’s nose after an ugly altercation and nobody wants to get out of their pajamas to leave the house, I will look at these wonderful pictures and be thankful. And entertain thoughts of maybe, possibly, perhaps considering going on a family vacation again one day.



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