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The Ten On Tuesdays: Tips for Disney First-Timers

Prior to our trip, much research was conducted regarding everything from dining at Disney to formulating touring plans for each of the theme parks. By the way, how did we ever plan a family vacation without social media? There are many self-proclaimed experts out there who are more than happy to share their knowledge and
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Crashing Back to Reality {An Attitude of Gratitude}

After five magical days at Disney, our re-entry into normal life has been a little bumpy. The boys are constantly jumping on each other’s last nerve, the car needed an expensive repair and the new HVAC system for the upstairs will be installed on Wednesday. It’s enough to make a little voice inside my head
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Five Minute Friday: Jump

Jump. Without fear of what lies ahead. The adrenaline rush far outweighs any danger lurking just out of sight. This is what motherhood has taught me. Not to live carelessly with reckless abandon but to embrace opportunity and find joy in the small moments of this crazy ride called life. Happy is an adjective that
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The Ten On Tuesdays: Lessons Learned

I was a much better parent before I actually was a parent. Perhaps you can relate. In my perfectly dillusional world, teaching the boys to ride their bikes would be fun. No one would come unglued. Bicycle helmets would not be chucked across the lawn. And that goes for the children, too. Seriously. I dissolve into the
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Five Minute Friday: {Here}

It happened again this morning. At the vet with our ten year old dog, time for his annual check up. When the doctor came in, my mind stumbled. That’s not the one.  Then I remembered. We are here. Now. Almost three years and it seems like a life time since we uprooted our family and headed
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Three Gifts @ 11, 2 and 6

On New Year’s Day, I re-committed to documenting one thousand gifts; a list of blessings God has given me…a reflection of my gratitude. You can read more about Ann Voskamp and taking the Joy Dare here. She gives prompts for every day of the year and sheds a unique perspective on finding the gifts among
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{Almost} Wordless Wednesday

For weeks we’ve whined about the unusually cold temperatures.  Winter just simply refuses to skedaddle. The children are all wearing jeans and sweats that creep up their calves because the moms are too stubborn to buy any more long pants. Mother nature threw one last tantrum last Friday, dousing us with rain and sleet. Then.
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The Ten on Tuesdays: Freefall to Fly

I saw the most amazing book cover last week. Yes I’m well aware of the overused cliche about judgments and covers, but when you see this one I think you’ll agree. Of course I had to see what this Rebekah Lyons was all about. This one small paragraph on her website took up residence in
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C’mon, Mamas. Let’s Party {You Might Win!}

It’s time for the 7th annual Ultimate Blog Party with Susan and Janice at Five Minutes for Mom. This party is all about making connections within the blogging community. In addition to all this bloggy goodness, available right at your fingertips, there are live events via Twitter and Google+  throughout the week. There are prizes,
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N is for Non-compliant

Today we attended our first Letter Land parade at school. Six classes of Kindergarteners paraded through the school, each one dressed as a letter in the alphabet. Every character in Letterland has a catchy name and a sound associated with it: Peter Puppy, Lucy Lamplight, etc. Andy’s assignment was Noisy Nick. Couldn’t have been more
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