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Five Minute Friday {Broken}

Broken. In our house, we lose our minds when something breaks. Whether it’s a toy, a faucet, a torn page in a book… control freaks that we are, both the adolescent and adult variety, can’t handle the chaos and uncertainty of brokenness. And if someone we love breaks our prized possession? Oh, the consternation. It’s
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The Ten on Tuesday

photo credit: compfight Ten things I learned when I woke up ten minutes before my children: 1. My morning starts off in a more peaceful fashion when I am first out of bed rather than last. 2. Breakfast was ready when the boys came downstairs and I was two steps ahead instead of clamoring to
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We Hunted. We Conquered. We Froze Our Tushies Off.

Our weekend adventures included an Easter egg hunt and festival at our church.  We haven’t felt this cold at an Easter egg hunt in years. The good news is, people were not deterred by the crummy weather and turned out in record numbers. All the boys loved the magic baseball game. I was grateful there was something
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